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3 Important Things You Need to Know About Your Home Air Conditioner

mitsubishi ac

The hot weather in our country has lately made us more often to use air conditioners (AC) at home. Sleeping with AC makes bedtime more comfortable. But, what do you need to know about your home AC?

mitsubishi ac

Self-Service Air cond

We need to know the principle of air conditioning before we can do self-service AC. First of all, the air cond house is called the Split Unit AC which is Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit. What’s in Indoor unit and Outdoor unit?

The existing components of the Indoor Unit are:

  • Filter
  • Blower
  • Copper Finn / Aluminum Finn

The basic components in the Outdoor Unit are:

  • Fan
  • Copper Finn / Aluminum Finn
  • Compressor

So, what do you need to do here is self-service the AC by regular cleaning and maintenance. The advantages when you always clean the air conditioner are you can reduce your home electricity bills as your AC become more efficient, you might also extend the AC life expectancy as well as saving your own money and time when the quality of air is better.

Close Air Conditioner When You Leave Home

You can save more money on heating and cooling bills easily by reinstalling the regulator when you are sleeping or away from home and reset when you need the AC when you home. It is important to do when everyone goes to work or school. This is the best time to off the AC. When there is no person in home, you do not have to make your air conditioning work hard to cool your home. This is a way to save your money.

Preventing Body Capability of Generating Immune System

Low temperatures from the AC prevent the body from creating natural immune. When you sleep, the body stimulates and creates an important hormone for immune. Hence, if you are sleeping in a room that is too cold, the body will not be able to produce the hormone in
adequate quantities. This is the main reason for the illness if you sleep in air-conditioned rooms for a long time.

Regular Maintenance To Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

Air conditioners that are older than 10 years old will not operate properly. it will take a lot of energy and electricity and the room will not be as cold as before. So AC needs to be serviced, not once a month but once a year is enough to make sure the AC is working properly and you don’t need to waste money on the air-cond.