5 Things Your Job Ads Shouldn’t Have

Job adverts don’t only help you recruit new talents; they also give first impressions to people who may never hear of your company before. Preparing a proper job ad is essential as it could hurt your company’s image.

We know you’re familiar with what should be included in a job advertisement in Malaysia, but are you aware of the things that shouldn’t be in a job posting? Here are some things you should never put in your job ads as it could ruin your chances of recruiting a talented candidate:

Discriminatory language

Although it may seem like common sense, some recruiter may unconsciously state something along the lines of “Female and under 30 only.” Not only is discrimination against gender, age or in any form leaves a sour taste in candidates’ mouth, but you can also find yourself in legal troubles.

Long paragraphs

Job seekers have to go through numerous job ads, so don’t waste their time any further by writing up an essay on your job ad. If you’re not straightforward in your ad and use bullet points, you may put candidates off entirely or attract the wrong type of candidates.

Too many criteria

Even with bullet points, you shouldn’t be listing too many essential criteria. Your job ad should only have three to five points of criteria including experience, skills and qualification. Too many unnecessary points can be overwhelming for candidates, and you will be getting a weaker response from your job postings.


Similar to using discriminatory language, putting any negativity in your job ad will make particular candidates feel excluded. For example, don’t write things like “no sales staff” or “previous applicants need not apply.” Your statements in your ad should always aim to include, and any negativity in your posting can reflect poorly on your business.

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Business jargons

Not that it’s wrong to include technical terms in your job ab, but it can be annoying for candidates to read about a job role surrounded by uninspiring jargon. Instead, it would be best if you made your job ad easy to digest, even for people outside the field.


They may only be job ads, but it also takes skill to write a decent job ad with all the relevant information. Don’t ruin your chances of hiring a top candidate by including these five mistakes in your job advertisement in Malaysia.

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