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5 Ways To Accelerate Your Professional Growth


There’s no big idea

We all want to have a sense of purpose and direction in life, but the matter of fact is, there isn’t a “big” idea that is going to cut it. Our happiness really is a fragment of many little things. Once we realise that, we can begin to implement changes and adopt new habits that will make our lives more meaningful.

Conquer your fears

Stop running and face them head on. There is no point in avoiding things that make you irrationally afraid. It could literally be anything – from cockroaches to public speaking. If it’s not something that puts you in harm’s way, soldier up and get to it. It will have a positive impact on your life and many doors will open once you cross that hurdle.

Acknowledge your mistakes

The first step to recovery is by admitting your mistakes, only then can you address the problem, and seek out a solution. Have an internal dialogue with yourself and be honest about all your shortcomings and follies. It may leave you feeling crappy for a while, but you’ll feel much better after getting off your feet and doing something about it.


Learn to love discipline

All successful people attribute a big part of their accomplishments to discipline. Good habits enforced by discipline produce results because they require consistency and commitment. When you repeat something often enough, you will eventually get fantastic at it. We suggest you try reading 10,000 Hours of Practice by author Malcolm Gladwell.

Conduct yourself with integrity

Integrity is a lot like loyalty. It is something you can only expect from yourself, not others. Do right by people, and take the high road in difficult situations. Leading by example will inspire others to do the same and the world will be a better place.


Believe in yourself

So cliché but true, because if you don’t believe in yourself, who else will? You’ve gotta convince yourself that there is nothing you can’t do, so that when opportunity comes knocking, you’re ready to give it your all.

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