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6 Traits of a Successful Recruiter

No one is perfect in this world, not even HR professionals. It takes more than just skills and experience to be a successful recruiter, and not just anybody can be one.

Successful recruiters are capable of hiring talented candidates on Jobstreet Singapore and filling up vacancies as fast as possible. Not only do they make sure that they do their job well, but they also make sure the job applicants have an excellent candidate experience.

So, what does it take to be a great recruiter? Here are six traits of a successful recruiter:


You’ll expect recruiters to be sociable, after all, they’re always dealing with people. However, it takes an excellent recruiter to understand the power of social recruiting and employee referrals. Successful recruiters also know how to utilize their skills to promote their employer brand in all platforms including social media.


Excellent recruiters aren’t afraid of technology, they embrace it. They realize the importance of using digital HR tools and adapt to the latest software to be on track. HR technology is necessary for optimising and streamlining the recruiting process.

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With HR software, it’s necessary for recruiters to have an analytical mind. Recruiters with this trait can make better and more informed decisions based on their data and improve their hiring efforts.


A normal recruiter would only start posting job ads when an empty position appears. But not a successful recruiter. A proactive recruiter doesn’t wait for candidates to pile in, he looks for them even when the company doesn’t need them yet. They constantly build their talent pools and make sure they have great access to top quality candidates.


A successful recruiter is creative and innovative. They know what marketing tactics to use to attract top talent and promote their employer brand. They are also on track with the latest hiring trends.


Even if you have the five traits stated above, you won’t be liked by people if you’re not empathetic. Empathy is crucial to build and maintain good relationships with candidates, and a successful recruiter is empathetic to understand the needs, wants and fear of other people.


And there you have it, six traits that make a recruiter successful. If you don’t have all the traits, fret not, you can still improve yourself to be a great HR professional.

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