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AIG Malaysia: 360° Insurance Coverage Plan

Car Insurance

For more than sixty years since its start in 1953, AIG Malaysia serves the nation with insurance & risk management solutions that customized to fit the requirements of businesses and individuals. With 15 offices nationwide and growing, AIG’s operation is supported by a big network of brokers, agents, and schemes. These resources have enabled the Company to deliver superior quality delivery in relation to services and exceeds clients’ expectations.

AIG is the Better Choice

Your life or business without being insured around the uncertain future can certainly be frightening for the people and businesses. To deliver both kinds of customers a mental comfort, AIG Malaysia has formulated different kinds of product or service that could satisfy their desires.

Car Insurance & Other Private Insurance Products

For many people, possessing a car or maybe a property is a seriously scary thing without a proper insurance plan. Thanks to its importance, the Government of Malaysia has even made insurance subscription mandatory in order to ensure the fact that the citizen should be able to protect their assets in case of misfortunes. Because of this, AIG Malaysia offers car insurance & property insurance plan accompanied by a comprehensive coverage.

Nevertheless, their own health is still primary aspect everybody should prioritize upon. As AIG Malaysia proactively educates people about the significance about a medical insurance policy, it really is pleasing in order to witness a constant improvement in numbers of health-related insurance purchase on a yearly basis due to their tireless effort.

Check out AIG’s car insurance product here:

Business Insurance Packages

The domestic businesses’ expansion to international markets combined with highly affordable transportation renders frequent travel the latest convention. They have brought about the increasing interest in insurance to protect individuals while making both of those domestic and foreign trips. To complement the needs, AIG Malaysia has offered insurance coverage with complete coverage for the customers.

Covering the needs of companies in risk management, an intricate plan is available. AIG covers liability insurance, fronting and captive services related insurance, trade credit insurance, perhaps even group employee benefits insurance. Enterprises can actually protect their businesses more efficiently together with the sufficiently flexible plan that can be tailored to the actual needs.

Industry-Centric Solutions

In the wide range of insurance protection available, AIG is prepared to provide a quality program to customers from various industries, for instance, companies in the hospitality & leisure, import & export, energy, retail, communications, and also media & technology sector. In addition, when they are conscious of the rise of SMEs while in the local market, AIG created an exceptional package that may possibly protect these fast-growing enterprises from all of the different kinds of risks as they start to expand.

Hence, companies and individuals that are interested to sign up any specific insurance policies from AIG are able to acquire a quote through their webpage. Besides, customers can even check out the list of authorized agents within their residing place to get the more personal service.

AIG Partners with Lazada

AIG Malaysia’s latest online strategy is kind of intriguing since they began to partner with just one of the prominent e-commerce players in the nation, Lazada Malaysia, allowing online insurance purchase within their partner’s platform. That should ultimately give maximum convenience to subscribers as they can just buy insurance, have a quick registration, and get the plan activated within 72 hours.