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Four Health Checkups Every Women Should Do

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It’s tough being a woman. There are so many different obstacles that women have to go through on a daily basis. Despite the many progress that women have achieved over the years, there are other aspects of being a woman that remains different, including health.

Women’s bodies are much different than men’s. This means that women will have a different set of health concerns than men. Because of this, there is even specially-made insurance for women to make sure that they are well-protected in terms of health and safety. Below are some health screenings and tests that women should take to keep their health in check.

Pap Smear

The key difference between men and women’s health is the reproductive system. You need a pap smear test at least every three years to detect irregularities in your cervical cell that could lead to cancer. A lot of women are concerned about whether pap smear is painful, but don’t worry—if anything it’s just a little uncomfortable.

Breast Self Examination

This is one of the easiest health checks that women can do by themselves, so there is no excuse! There are many online guides and videos on how self examine yourself for breast cancer so you can just follow instructions that are available. The usual recommendation for this test is about once a month.

Blood Glucose Test

Although diabetes is not a gendered disease, it’s still a common one and needs attention. In this modern world, diabetes is becoming more common. For women, blood glucose levels does affect other medically-related aspects such as pregnancy, thus why it’s important for women to have this monitored.

Blood Pressure Screening

With all the difficult things that they have to go through, it’s not a surprise that women’s blood pressure levels are rising! High blood pressure is a silent killer. Keeping it in check can help you manage it, if ever it gets dangerously high.


insurance for women RHB

Living a healthy life is so important, especially for women. But living healthy is simply not enough if you’re unaware of what your body could possibly be going through. Getting regular health checkups can be a lifesaver.Make sure that your health and safety are protected at all times. Check out RHB’s specially-tailored insurance for women at now.