Here’s how to clean up your house after a flood

For people living in the flood-prone areas on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia such as Kelantan and Johor, the possibility of facing floods are always there. The damage and impacts from a flood can be devastating, so it’s always better to be prepared than regretting it later. One of the things you can do to prepare is purchasing home insurance.

However, no matter how much you prepare yourself, sometimes massive floods will still damage your house and your belongings. There’s not much you can but clean up the house and move on.

Here’s how you should clean up your house after a flood hits it:

Safety first

Although it may be tempting to salvage any possessions or to clean up your home, you have to be careful with your surroundings first. Enter your house with boots and gloves to protect yourself contaminated waters or harmful chemicals. If you have not turned off your electricity and gas, do it immediately. Also, check for any damaged gas lines, cracks and water spots in your house.

Record your damage

Before you start cleaning your house, you’ll want to take pictures or videos of the damage to your home by the flood. These pictures and videos will serve as evidence when you file for insurance claims. You should also check with your insurance company for other requirements to make your claim.

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Remove the water

Start by draining the water from your home slowly. Use pails or a pump to remove the water, or you can sweep away the water out your home with a broom or a mop. Once you get most of the water out of the way, you can use a vacuum to drain the water from corners. If you have mud in your home, shovel them out before they dry up.

Dry up the place

After removing the water, your place will be still damp and wet, especially if it’s still rainy season and the humidity is still high. You can dry up the area with portable fans, dehumidifiers or turning on the air conditioner. Be sure that the power source is safe and clean before turning them on.

Clean your possessions thoroughly

You have to clean all the objects in your home that are damaged or contaminated by flood waters thoroughly. Look for damage electrical appliances and replace them if repairing them is not possible. You should also wash clothes that came into contact with the flood waters at least twice.


Natural disasters such as floods are hard to avoid and even more difficult to protect your home from it. However, you can get yourself home insurance so you and your family can live with peace of mind.

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