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How To Start Your Day Better



I have a bad habit of snoozing the alarm, jumping out of bed, and making a dash for work in the morning, all the time. I don’t know about you, but I got tired of starting my days like this. I’m also sure that since you clicked on this article, you too are looking to spruce up your morning routine, and I am ever willing to share!

Your first thoughts every morning

Don’t spoil your day by incessantly planning or worrying about things you have to get done when you get out of bed.

Keep it positive, take a moment, and meditate or give thanks for all the good that has happened to you. You may carry out your tasks with more clarity, and find yourself being calmer than usual in stressful situations too.


Pen it down

Pour your heart out in paper. Write about how you’re feeling without prejudice or censorship, and all that you are grateful and hopeful for.


Be present

Get rid of the racing and jumbled thoughts in your head by taking in your surroundings and relaxing for a few minutes. Be in the moment by focusing on your five senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.


Power of visualisation

Do not underestimate the power of visualisation. Many successful people across all kinds of industries have practiced and benefitted from it. Think about what you want as vividly as possible and the universe will provide, if you put in the work, of course.


Read something inspirational

Motivation is a lot like taking a bath; something you have to do repeatedly. It’s not something you just wake up with everyday. You have to be proactive about it.

Start a collection of inspirational books and quotes. Read them each morning for a bit of inspiration and the motivation will follow.


Move your body

Do some gentle stretching, yoga, or dance around to an upbeat song. It will help elevate your mood and wake your body up. My personal favorite way to start the day.


Pick one or two and start incorporating them into your morning routine. Explore internet-surfing possibilities with Digi or simply visit to learn more, and share this article with others to inspire them!