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Putting Yourself First During Pregnancy

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For the new moms

Getting pregnant is a wonderful thing. While you are preparing for the delivery ahead, you may have people telling you all kinds of things and giving you all sorts of advice. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and nervous from all that input, but we are here to put you at ease with some pregnancy tips you will love!


You should consume sufficient amounts of protein, vegetables, and fruits. Switch to complex carbohydrates like brown rice to manage your weight better. It’s also a good idea to eat frequently in small portions and whenever you’re hungry because you’re eating for two. Your baby is going to absorb lots of nutrients from your body, so you have to drink lots of water for your body to keep up with the pregnancy comfortably. Alternatively, you may supplement your pregnancy with Similac Mom too.

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Frame of mind

You have to keep a positive attitude, no matter what anyone says. If you’re feeling down about your weight gain, think about what a miracle you’re creating! Do not stick around and entertain people who want to tell you about their own horrific experiences either. It’ll scare you into a mentally dark place, and why should you worry anyway? Each woman is different and our bodies know how to deliver, so stop overthinking and give it a rest.

Hire a doula

There is more to pregnancy than just giving birth at the end. You should spend time looking for your perfect doula at least two months before the estimated delivery date, which is not always accurate, given the statistics that most mothers deliver about a week later than anticipated. A doula does not play a medical role, but is instead more responsible on the emotional side of things, and will be a great comfort during your big moment.

Do some homework

Yes, your body will know what to do instinctively, but that doesn’t mean you can take the backseat and snooze. Always make it a point to ask your doctor or nurse about matters relating to your pregnancy, such as alternative treatments, informed consent, and possible risks.

Trust your body and let it do its work. It will all turn out alright in the end. If you want to know more about Similac products, please visit