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SingSaver: Top Financial Comparison Site in Singapore

best credit card singapore

The financial sector in Singapore is dominated by commercial banks with 86% in the total financial sector asset account by them. Using that said, surely you will have plenty of trouble for us to find the best product you can get. We will introduce Singsaver, an excellent financial comparison website in Singapore will allow you to find the appropriate a credit card, personal loan, holiday insurance, family savings, homeowner loan and even wedding loans.

Introducing SingSaver, the best of Singapore’s financial comparison website. They offer free, rapid and easy-to-use tools that can help everyone understand consumer finance products in Singapore. Through, you can easily find the suitable credit card or personal loan by seeing low-interest rates, rewards, and sign-up bonuses at the gaze. Lets us show the financial manufactured goods they offer.

best credit card singapore

Credit Card

There are lots of forms of credit cards which suits to be able to lifestyles, spending habits, and purposes. But the majority of users normally dilemma is for any cashback on all spends. Either dining, groceries, petrol, shopping or travel, SingSaver been with them all listed for the best credit card Singapore here.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers the expenses and losses connected to travelling. Worry no more about falling sick, losing luggage or encountering any setbacks and even more. Listed below are some lists, SingSaver recommend if you want to provide a peacefulness through any misfortune that could befall you.

Savings account

A savings account is the most basic form of account at a bank or credit union, assisting you to deposit money, keeping it safe, and withdraw funds when needed. Savings accounts typically pay interest onto your deposits, but home interest rates are relatively low on these accounts. Unclear best places to beneficial money? SingSaver can assist you.

Home loan

If purchasing a home is a section of your financial goal, then you’ll want to know regardless of whether you can afford out of your income and savings. You will discover from our SingSaver lists, to discover your lock-in period, total repayment and total interest for virtually every particular housing loan packages to suit your need.

Wedding personal loan

A wedding loan is a personal loan dedicated so that you can wedding expenses. Technically, there’s no such thing as a ‘wedding loan’. You only need to measure your personal economic situations accordingly. Couples remove this loans to advance their reception and honeymoon. SingSaver, here, listed several of the best personal loans that will help you. For those who simply must get a loan for the wedding, borrow wisely. Most loans, especially when they may be marketed as wedding-specific deals, it’s simply personal loans. That suggests your loan companies and income could be the factors determine your loans. Here, SingSaver listed some packages with good annual fee charges and repayments.

Stop wandering around to look for the most practical answer for one’s financial issue. Discover all of the SingSaver financial product offerings while on the website by visiting this link,


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