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Step Up Your Instagram Game


Instagram is highly addictive, evident by the millions of users who check their home feeds every few hours each day. As a result of that, the number of followers we have start to matter and we take calculated steps to increase our popularity as much as possible. We’ve come up with a short guide on how to step up your Instagram game to amass an empire of fans 🙂

Mind your photo quality

If you’re big on taking selfies, try to use a good quality DSLR or smartphone. Vivo is a fairly strong contender in the selfie smartphone market, so you may want to check them out at Avoid posting grainy photos and photos in backgrounds that are poorly lit. Your photos do not need to look overly professional, but you should always maintain a standard of going about it.

vivo selfie
Captured with Vivo V7+

Be consistent

You have to be consistent in two ways – content and schedule. Create a weekly or monthly theme around your postings, for example it’ll be yoga this week, and then move on to cooking the next. Consistency establishes predictability, which is a good thing because it’ll help people anticipate and look forward to seeing your posts, especially if they already like you. You don’t have to be super rigid, there’s no harm in being spontaneous once in awhile.

Be interactive

If you’re only focused on tending to your own garden, no one is going to see how beautiful it is. You have to get out there and mingle by following accounts that truly interest you and comment where appropriate. You should also respond to everyone’s comment on your own posts where possible to make them feel appreciated. It takes two to tango, right?

Use hashtags

They kinda function like some aspects of SEO, although they’re definitely not the same thing. They’re not the prettiest symbol on the keyboard, but they help you circulate and appear in feeds when users search for something relevant to you on Instagram.

Now you’ve got it. Implement the steps above and you will slowly but surely build a solid fanbase. We wish you the best of luck!