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Things Should Know About about Lafarge ProSolutions

building foundation

Malaysia is converting to the concrete area. This evolving is especially prominent over these years. Development assists economic growth but then pollute the community at the same time. One good thing is, Lafarge ProSolutions is here to provide ecologically sustainable construction services and products to individuals and organizations. If you are looking high-performance products for building foundation, wall plastering, strip footing or flooring, check out Lafarge ProSolutions.

Lafarge ProSolutions: The Leader in Building Material Sector

Lafarge ProSolutions can be described as a big player in building material industry. They have performed well on several popular mega projects in Malaysia, as for example KL Towers, Penang Bridge, Rapid LRT line, and KLIA. The products are compatible with individual use and professional use. Find right now to get a better understanding of them.


Cement is considered the most famous products in Lafarge ProSolutions. It is a must to propose their Top Standard cement. Why? Because it’s Malaysia’s first certified green cement, a multi-purpose cement which is commonly used in the industry. Other famous cements from Lafarge ProSolutions are Phoenix cement and Wallcrete cement.


QuickMix by Lafarge ProSolutions is another quality product for individual and industry purpose. QuickMix is simple to use and also have high bonding strength. You needn’t fear of cracking issue as QuickMix is high durability and good weather resistance. It is also easy to be handled since it is supplied in bag packaging.

building foundation


Lafarge ProSolutions constantly make sure its solutions are quality and can be delivered fast. Their concrete’s product, they have developed a number of value-added concrete goods like Agilia, Artevia, Hydromedia, and others. Each its product has been formulated well to meet the client’s requirement specifications.

Special Project Team

Executing a mega project will be a real pain, therefore Lafarge ProSolutions created this Special Project Team. Characterized by a group of experienced professionals, the Special Project Team helps businesses run their projects by supplying consultancy, design, project management, engineering, contracting and asset management help.


Lafarge ProSolutions offers logistics services which include logistics operation center, GPS tracking, delivery mobile application, delivery monitoring service, and silo level monitoring system. They run a nationwide network of facilities for efficient distribution of items as well as to ensure uninterrupted products supply.

Lafarge Innovation Hub

In moving perfectly into a better and sustainable future, Lafarge ProSolutions has spent a lot on Innovation Hub. The IH helps in performing discussion and address issues from our building materials industry. This involving government stakeholder, industry professionals, and academic institutions.


Lafarge ProSolutions have already been involved and contributed lots in construction for the mega project and individual project. They always improve to build the excellent product. In addition, never hurts the mother nature. Visit their web site to learn about building material and also how they can become your good partner. Get more information in their website now

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