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Why We Should Hire Fresh Graduates? Here are the reasons.

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The issue of graduates and unemployment graduates is no longer a new problem in the country. The increasing number of graduates leads to an imbalance between the increase in the number of graduates with the increasing number of job opportunities.

As a result, it is often heard stories of graduates being forced to do various side work to accommodate themselves and families while waiting for permanent job opportunities. But more employer nowadays has preferred to hire fresh graduates for some reason. Here are few reason why we should hire fresh graduates:

Lower Rate of Wages Compared to Experienced Workers

Most employers prefer to hire fresh graduates because of their lower wage rates. These fresh graduate workers are among those who do not care if they received a low salary, simply to avoid competition as they are new in the industry and based on their experience level they are realistically less expensive than the professional experienced ones. There is also a salary determined by their own agent who will certainly not have to pay for the monthly payments received by these fresh graduates, as wages listed on recruitment site Philippines online websites.

High Level of Motivation

Productivity and motivation for an individual are interconnected with each other. Those with high levels of motivation will be increasingly productive. And vice versa. Graduates are new to their work which is the initial point or starting off their career. So that’s is why they tend to get very serious with their job and pay more attention to their work. They will make the job as a motivation for their career building.

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Desire To Learn

As the fresh graduates are new in the industry, they won’t have a proper knowledge of diplomacy needed for any field. Yes, they are rarely question on the task assigned to them as they willing to learn as much as possible. Also, they would do practically anything to gain experience from the industry.


There are advantages and disadvantages of hiring fresh graduates. They are not only able to contribute their energy resources in order to develop and accelerate the country’s current growth, but they can also contribute to decrease the unemployment rate in the country.